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· American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) 2006 Annual Conference address

Tsunami Exposes Systemic Flaw in Dissemination of Knowledge

· Without spin doctors, society would be in the dark

Public relations is crucial to the functioning of a liberal democracy..


· our racist news values

While working for Australia’s biggest selling daily newspaper, I came to the realization that I am a racists. This article explains how I reached that conclusion.



· Knowers and sayers need to get it together

Why public policy decisions, including the allocation of capital and resources, are often based more on public perception than sound knowledge.



· Media ownership: concentrate or perish

This article (and the extended debate in the comments at the end) explains why the decline of our major daily newspapers sends an ominous warning about the future of democracy.



· Sporting officials, please butt out of players' private lives

This article discusses the importance of media attention in our modern society as well as the arrogance of sporting officials who feel that the popularity of their codes gives them a mandate to intrude into the lives of their stars.




· The Era of Reconciliation


· There is a black irony in Australia’s efforts to achieve reconciliation with its aboriginals. And the same could be said for the clashes between Western civilizations and natives the world over.



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